The Art of Reflection

The Art of Reflection

We’re almost at the end of October now and I thought I’d reflect on September and October in one blog post because well, I hadn’t really done much. That was until I started to look back on the last two months and make some notes before beginning to write this blog post.

I can be guilty of both overthinking situations in my head whilst at the same time not reflecting on things that have happened in the past. It’s at times like this when you stop; and think, that you go, “Wow, how did I fit all that in?”

Rather than talk individually I’ve chosen to summarise highlights from the last two months in no particular order;

  • Four new client wins
  • 1 branding project delivered within a 13 day deadline
  • Slow Fashion Lancaster – very topical especially after the Stacey Dooley programme, Fashions Dirty Secrets, a couple of weeks ago!
  • Autumnal Walks – my favourite time of year to be walking.
  • Arctic Monkeys LIVE in Manchester AND Sheffield – lucky, I know!
  • Community Organising workshop in Morecambe – the power of people.
  • Warrior Photoshoot with Bipolariod Photography – the exhibition opens later this week at More Music in Morecambe – please go and visit.
  • Tony Walsh poetry performance in Morecambe – this was just superb, a definite highlight of the year so far!
  • North Lancashire Expo – dressed head to toe in items purchased locally and great conversations about engaging high school students with employers and universities.
  • Sub36 Awards at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool – sat on a winning table. Congratulations to Maggie from ICS and all the other worthy winners.
  • Search Insights event with Digitaloft – already looking forward to next year James!

Now some may read this and think the same as me, how did I fit all that in? Others may wonder why at all I am sharing it. The reason I do is that it keeps me accountable, gives me chance to reflect and also gives me the opportunity to remind people what a great part of the world we live in and just how much is going on in Lancashire.

I really would encourage everyone to reflect on their day/week/month more often.

“Sometimes you have to take a half step back to take two forward.” Vince McMahon.

For now, I’ll leave you with this poem by Tony Walsh titled “Up ‘ere”.

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