Rise Up

4 years ago I leaped into self-employment, unsure if there was a net to catch me.

I’ve met so many people since I left permanent employment but I want to give a special shout out to the women that I’ve met in those 4 years that I would not have met if I hadn’t stepped out.

The last few years, and indeed months, haven’t been without their challenges but seeing these women show up for themselves each day gives me a nudge to keep going, even on the crappy days.

Danielle Owen Jones, Bloomin’ Creative – for bringing the smiles and energy to the room.

Becky Lois Burns, Textile Candy – for your pace and persistence in every project.

Morgana Loze-Doyle, CWS Creatives / WomanKind North – for your knowledge, tone and calmness.

Helen Kerray, BabyLoved / WomanKind North – for your colour, thoughtfulness and vibrancy.

Mich Bondesio, Growth Sessions – for your listening ears and rounded approach to wellbeing.

Kate Holroyd, Strawberry Holidays – for your resilience and creativity.

Amy Cheadle, Northern Dough Co – for your honesty and showing the human side of your business.

Megan Jones, Curated Makers – for your passion and belief in supporting makers and bringing them to the high street.

Catherine Caton – for your clarity and organisation.

Louiza Rabouhi – for always saying it like it is.

Nicola Roberts, Inspira – for your passion and drive to support young people.

Erica Knibb, Bay Leadership Academy – for your commitment to your students and striving to give young people experiences to enhance the curriculum.

Claire Louise Chapman, The Shared Value Business – for your knowledge, purpose, and values.

Melanie McKay – for your honesty, humour and occasional swearing.

Dee Darcy, Utter Creatives – for your strength and persistence.

Holly Tucker, Holly & Co – for your commitment and warmth.

Lauren Currie, Upfront / Stride – for your grit and determination.

These are 4 women that I’ve not met but I want to mention also;

Helen Tupper, Amazing If / Squiggly Careers – for your practical, non-judgemental approach.

Gemma Metcalfe-Beckers, Muthahood – for showing up for yourself and every other strong girl.

Emma Paton – for sharing your style authentically.

Emily Coxhead, The Happy Newspaper – for each happy story you share and your commitment to spreading happiness.

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