It’s been a while…

Morecambe Bay by Anna Bell. February 2020

I’ve been saying to myself that “I’ll write a blog soon”. I did start one back in January…but never finished it, I just didn’t know where I was going with it. That said, I’m not sure where I’m going with this one but I’ll keep on typing.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been resting a fractured ankle at home. Post-school drop off I had just started the first exercise with my trusty ‘friend’ Joe Wicks (I don’t know him personally of course, just through doing his workouts on YouTube for the past 4/5 years) HIIT workout and went over on my ankle. IT HURT!

I’ve been unable to walk long distances or drive the car and this is where the flexibility of working for myself and having a parent that is also self-employed has made such a difference. A special word of thanks to my Mum who has done EVERY school drop off and pick up since it happened. Whilst the injury hasn’t affected my ability to work it has taken away the choice of getting outdoors to go for a walk, something I’ve done daily for the past couple of years.


I know that trying to speed up my recovery will probably have the opposite effect so I’ve been really mindful to slow down and accept the help that has been offered/needed. The skies were so blue today (and with rain forecast this weekend) I stepped out on my own and took the short walk down to the prom to sit and watch the wading birds. It has only been in the last couple of years that I’ve really taken an interest in the birds and that is thanks to our local RSPB, Morecambe Bay Partnership and the Lancashire Wildlife Trustmy children and I enjoy listening for the curlews sound, spotting a turnstone and watching the oystercatchers fly.  

For the birds, Morecambe Bay is a sheltered spot where they can come to rest and feed. Some of them will stay all year round but for others, their stay is much shorter and is a stop off as they make a long journey across the world. I often think you can relate this back to the people of Morecambe Bay. The area definitely feels like an open pair of arms that will wrap you up and keep you safe and let you rest for as long as you need, however, I worry at times that people feel ‘stuck’ here. In all honesty, at times I have felt ‘stuck‘ here and I think at any point in your life where you feel ‘stuck‘ then it can take a great amount of energy to take that first step towards feeling free.

Imagine you’ve got your feet stuck in the mud, how does it feel to be stuck there and how do you get yourself out? Sometimes you’ll have to use your own strength to lift your feet out, other times you may have someone that can help you to pull your feet out.

Whilst typing away I thought I’d have a look for any articles relating to that ‘stuck’ feeling and yes there are pages of results in Google however none that I’ve chosen to link as I want to spend some time exploring this feeling further and I will update this post if I come across anything of value.


“You can and will get through this.”

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