I’m still here…

Finding hearts in Morecambe

I’ve not published a blog for a while but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing them. I’ve been writing content for clients and also typing away my own thoughts…just not pressing publish.

I made a commitment to writing a blog each month but I don’t want to put content up here just because I said I would do it. I also don’t want my posts to come across as I, I, I but the thing is, sometimes the easiest thing to write about are my own thoughts, feelings, and reflections. It doesn’t come from a place of wanting to show off,  at the same time, I never want to put words in other peoples mouths or misquote them.

So I suppose this is just a note to say I’m still here…

Oh and if you want a book recommendation I’m currently reading Lost Connections by Johann Hari – a fascinating read. You can also listen to the podcast with Steven Bartlett and Johann here. 

I’ll leave you with one question I have been mulling over…How do we hear the voice of those that are unheard?


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