Are you open to learning new things?

I’m trying to get into the habit of reflecting on the month before and sharing it on the blog. You’ll have seen the one I’ve done for April here but this one looks at May. I always make some quick notes before I start writing and even just this process jogs my memory back to some brilliant moments.

The start of the month saw me go along to a Lifesaving CPR session delivered by the North West Ambulance Service. Did you know that survival rates for people who have cardiac arrests are just 8.6% meaning on average only 1 in 10 people will survive? If more people are trained in CPR then we can help to improve this and literally SAVE LIVES. Find out more by clicking here.

On 10th May I was invited along to Angel’s Den held at The Borough in Lancaster – think Dragon’s Den but with less fiery dragons in the form of local businesses who were investing their time, as opposed to money, into individual women who had bravely pitched their business to them. These women blew me away, each business had a sincere story behind it. Give them your support by liking their Facebook pages and finding out more about them.

Menna from The Fabulous Baking Company –

Julie from Bespoke Pet Care Services –

Maja from Adventure Source – COMING SOON

Amanda from Together Inclusive Holidays – COMING SOON

Jo from The Little Badger Soap Company –

Wendy from W J Home Service – COMING SOON

Emma from 3 R’s – COMING SOON

Becky from Textile Candy Studio –

We moved into the 3rd week of May with an invitation to the PRIDE AWARDS at Heysham High School (now named the Bay Leadership Academy). I’d known that the Digital Advantage team were to receive a prize but was astounding by the talent, and stories of compassion, courage, and determination from other pupil’s that were also receiving awards.


During the month, I went along to a guest lecture at Lancaster University with Lord Mark Price who was discussing Workplace Happiness and a visit to DRM Industrial Fabrics in Bury. It was a pleasure to visit a craft-based business who had used technology to improve processes – they are always on the lookout for skilled sewing machinists!


The last week of May saw my eldest do his KS1 SAT’s so we planned a surprise trip to Liverpool to see the Terracotta Army at the World Museum at the end of the week. The museum itself is FREE to enjoy and boasts 5 floors of wonderful exhibitions – there is an extra charge for special/visiting exhibitions. We also visited the library which is just next door. Talking of libraries, we also popped in Lancaster library this month and heard this wonderful choir singing.


We’ve enjoyed some wonderful weather in May and as a family we’ve enjoyed lots of local walks including the Pepperpot in Silverdale. Details of the walk can be found on Family Walks –

Something I am taking away from this month is to always have an open mind and be willing to learn.

3 things I learned in May

  1. How to deliver CPR – did you know they suggest you sing ‘Stayin Alive’ by The BeeGees when you are delivering the compressions?
  2. Skilled machinists are still needed in Lancashire. The movement of the fabric makes it difficult for a machine to do it by itself.
  3. Confucianism is a Chinese philosophy and was developed by Master Kong in 551-479 BC. He believed if people lived by moral and ethical principles, they could reach happiness and bring peace and harmony to the world. This philosophy is still one of the most important in China, alongside Daoism and Buddhism.

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