13 of my favourite websites and apps #MicroBizMattersDay

You could say I found out rather late in the game but today [Friday 13th January, 2017] is #MicroBizMattersDay. A global day of recognition, action and learning which hopes to engage with millions of micro business owners with them all donating time to help each other and ensure a “rocking successful New Year.”

What is a Micro Business? A Micro Business is a business that has between 0 and 9 employees and there are MILLIONS of us out there.

As part of the day, we’re being encouraged to give 13 [#IGive13] but 13 what? 13 Hours, 13 Company Shout outs, basically 13 anything that would help a fellow micro. I thought about this and decided I would share 13 of my favourite websites and apps. This is my list and I hope you find it useful!

Anna x

  1. LinkedIn – Love or hate it, I find it an easy way to keep in contact with people I’ve met over the years and an opportunity to meet others.
  2. Canva – making design easier and accessible to those of us who are creative but not trained designers.
  3. Buffer – saves me time when it comes to posting on various social media profiles. They also have a great podcast show called ‘The Science of Social Media’.
  4. Podcasts [ios app] – I’ve listened to so many great podcasts whilst out on a walk, sat in a hospital waiting room etc. One of my favourites is a TED talk by Rachel Botsman called ‘We’ve stopped trusting institutions and started trusting strangers.
  5. WordSwag [app] – an app that lets you create images with text. Great for quotes and to watermark your own images. I do love a good quote!
  6. Toggl  – a timesaving app that was recommended by a fellow micro biz owner. Thanks Matt at The Design Attic!
  7. Asana – a project management app again recommended by Matt.
  8. Dropbox – I can access and share files from wherever I am in the world!
  9. FreeAgent – making bookkeeping and accounting simple for me and my accountant. It is so easy to use and even sends automated invoices and invoice reminders!
  10. RingGo [App] – Anyone that knows me knows I never have change to pay for car parks so this app is a life send.
  11. Classic FM – recommended by Danielle at Bloomin’ Creative, I listen to this online whilst working. It keeps me focused and doesn’t distract me.
  12. Spotify [app] – for when it’s a Friday in the office and I want to listen to an album from way back when. Today it was Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I am, That What I’m Not -awesome album that’s now 11 years old!
  13. Google My Business – anyone that has a business should have it listed on here. You can hide your address if you don’t want others to see it!

What do you think of my list? I’d love to know what your favourite 13 are so please feel free to comment below.


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