Mixing the old with the new…

In my blog last week I invited you back this week to discuss a real life example of blending digital and traditional marketing. So here it is…

Jen from the Yummy Cupcake Company contacted me in late November, 2016 to help her with the release of her new book, A Decade of Cake.

To give you a bit of background, the Yummy Cupcake Company is well known in Lancaster and Lancaster University, and up until March last year had been giving Lancastrians and students alike, their weekly sugar fix with her selection of cupcakes and traybakes. She had also supplied cupcakes to hundreds of brides and grooms across Lancashire and Cumbria.


Through a crowdfunding campaign, Jen was able to write, and publish a recipe book filled with her cupcake and traybake recipes. She was clear about her target audience, the people that bought from the stall and shop, and the objective was to sell the book.

The Yummy Cupcake Company had a strong following on Facebook [2950 likes to be exact] and it was clear that any post made received good engagement, despite her struggling to find the time to post regularly. People loved Jen and her sweet treats [me included!]. To sell the book, Jen chose Shopify embedded into Facebook so people could buy direct from the Facebook page.

On meeting with Jen, it was clear she needed support with her social media but I also felt it was important to share the Yummy Cupcake Company story. I discussed an interview style press release which would be circulated in Lancashire and Cumbria and contacted Danielle at Bloomin’ Creative to help.

Key Points

  • A Decade of Cake was a printed recipe book
  • Press Releases are a form of traditional marketing
  • Social Media is a form of digital marketing
  • There was an online shop to buy the printed book (in itself a blend of digital and traditional)

Jen and I agreed that Cross Bay Marketing would plan and help manage the social media for the month of December and arrange for Bloomin’ Creative to create and circulate the press release. The social media consisted of a mix of organic and paid advertising, predominantly on Facebook with Twitter and Instagram also included. Cross Bay Marketing also created branded images for each post and one giveaway. The tone of voice was in line with posts Jen had made herself.

Over the month of December, the Yummy Cupcake Company received over 1000 reactions on Facebook with 115 people clicking through to buy one or more of the books. There were 50 clicks from Twitter to the shop page.

Twitter Analytics

Many people who bought the book have also shared what they’ve made on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook Fan twitter-fan

The press release was well received and featured in numerous print and digital media including the Lancaster Guardian, Westmorland Gazette, Lancashire Evening Post and Entirely North West.

Lancaster Guardian

This mix of digital (social media) and traditional (press release) has re-engaged previous Yummy Cupcake Customers and actioned over 10% of those that engaged to buy the book. Without using the two techniques together, I don’t believe the impact would have been the same.

Whilst Jen takes time to think about what she may do next, it is clear she has a strong fan base that will support her.  Simple steps such re-sharing her story and encouraging her fans to show what they’ve been making on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will keep her customers engaged and would be the ideal people to target with any new business venture she may make in the future.

The Facebook page also gives the Yummy Cupcake Company a lasting memory and the opportunity to live on through its fans.

Oh and for those of you who haven’t got a copy of the book, it’s still available to purchase through the Facebook page. It would make a great gift for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day 🙂

A Decade of Cake

Written by Anna Bell, an Associate member of the CIM and experienced marketer, working in-house as a Marketing Manager for almost 8 years. Cross Bay Marketing can support businesses looking for a flexible management solution or for one off projects such as strategy, website redesign, social media training and more.

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