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Are you thinking about getting a new website?

Take a step back and stop thinking about the website YOU want for your business.

This is a mistake I often see when people come to me wanting or needing a new website for their business. Whilst many of us probably know what we want in our head, that doesn’t mean that’s what our customer needs.

You need to think about;

  • Who is visiting the website?
  • Are they your ideal customer?
  • What do you want them to do on the website?

Take a step back and really look at who your customer is, questions such as;

  • Are they time short?
  • Do they view websites on their mobile?
  • Are they tech savvy?
  • What age are they?
  • Are they a specific gender?

Profile your ‘customer’ and then work from there. If, for example, they are time short, viewing websites on their mobile and not that tech savvy, then you want a website that is to the point, responsive and easy to navigate.

You know who your ideal customer is but what do you want them to do on your website?

Whilst I wouldn’t advise designing a website based on what you want, you can decide what you want a customer to do when they are the website.

Do you want them to make an enquiry, purchase a product, download a guide?

If you sell online, then ultimately you want them to make a purchase. If you’re a hotel, then you probably want them to book direct. If you don’t sell or take bookings online, then it’s likely you want them to make an enquiry.

You need to be very clear on what you want them to do; the website has to take them on a path that will ultimately lead them to doing that.


Take for example a local beauty salon….

Although they have many customers, they’ve identified their most common customer. This customer is female, aged between 25 and 40 with a young family. She is time poor and wants to de-stress. She googles ‘indian head massage Lancaster’ and she finds their website.

Important Note: She knows what she is looking for before she hits the website.

Now on the website, she wants to know where the salon is in Lancaster, how much they charge, what other people say about them and how she can contact them. This should all be on the page she has hit.

From this information, the beauty salon recognises that their website needs to be;

  1. Responsive – it’s likely the customer is viewing it on a mobile
  2. Easy to navigate – the customer needs to find the information she is looking for quickly, and the salon want her to make a booking.
  3. Have clear calls to action such as ‘Book Now’ –  both the customer and the salon want it to be easy to book an appointment.

To ensure all the information is on the page she has landed on, contact details should be on every page, the price list should be easily available and client testimonials should also feature on every page.

By designing a website around what the customer needs, and the salon knowing what they want her to do when she is on the website, it is highly likely that the customer will make a booking.

If you need a website for your business or you are thinking about having your current one redesigned, then I hope you find this blog useful.

At Cross Bay Marketing, we often put our feet in a customer’s shoes, and whilst you may not have the time to research and project manage a new website that is right for you and your customers, we can help. For an informal chat, please email or call 07973663674.


It’s Time…

After 7 and a half years working as a Marketing Manager at a firm of accountants, this month saw me start my own business and what a month it’s been.

First things first, let me introduce myself…I’m Anna, a marketer, mum and wife living by the sea in Morecambe.

Anna 1

A local, I spent three years at university in Manchester but came back home to live by the sea, I missed the open water when I was away. I’ve always said the sea is good for my soul (my Mum says I get that from my Nan), but on further inspection there is also science behind it – Why our brains love the ocean: Science explains what draws humans to the sea.

Whilst back here, I’ve also got married and had two children…who also love living by the sea. Picnic on the beach after school?! Yes, please!

Morecambe Bay

Anyway, enough about me, I want to talk about Lancaster, Morecambe and the whole Bay area. Not only do we live in beautiful surroundings, there is a whole host of talented individuals and businesses in this pocket of the North West and I think it’s about time we got together to shout it from the rooftops.

After attending various networking events and chatting with the Chamber, it feels to me like there are Lancashire and Cumbria initiatives that we miss out on, but there are also a lot of people doing great things for our area that may not be aware of each other.

I hope that whilst also working closely with local businesses on marketing and social media strategies that are aligned with their business goals that I’ll be able to bring us all together, working collaboratively, to show the rest of the country (and the world – why not?!) why they should visit, invest and work in this area. It’s a big ask but who’s going to join me?

Anna x